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1996 E320 Reliability

I have treated my 96 E320 like a "baby"---I keep it clean, take it in for regular servicing and have made a variety of "elective repairs" to restore it to almost new condition. People tell me that it looks GREAT and like a new car.

Last month, it finally passed the 100,000 mile mark. Looking at my maintenance records, I have been lucky (compared to some posts, my overall maintenace has been lower than average--even tho this car has an overall high reliability record). I am a maniac for changing the oil--every 3000 miles if I have made long drives; every 4000 miles otherwise.

I was proud that it reached 100K in the current condition, but a bit sad question is what can I expect in the way of problems that may develop over the next 100,000 miles?

Since the car is running so well and I have developed such a fondness for it, can I expect more long miles of good performance or should I prepare myself for some major repairs
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