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Thanks for the two excellent replies. I did a search before posting about my 1996 e320, but most of the same type questions were about 98 E320s and beyond.

I have heard that of the E320s built, the 1996 was one of the best made. I have no intention of getting rid of it anytime soon.

I think that I sometimes bore my girlfriend and friends because I regularly clean the exterior (using the MB products at scheduled intervals) AND I am always talking about the car......need to keep my mouth shut or I will lose a girlfriend

Good point about the oil change. I could probably cut back on the schedule I've used.

BTW: re tranny. Every other car that I have owned and had the trans fluid replaced along with the filter has ALWAYS caused the transmission to develop problems within 1000 miles of the work.

NOT SO with the Benz.....I had tranny work done early this year....major workup and they did the transmission. Since then, it has been running like new. That was actually the major workup for the higher mileage....had it done around 97000 miles. Yes, it bit into pocket book but was worth it (BYW: I had the left rear window regulator go out also and they repaired that on that visit which added about 300 for parts, labor and tax).

I used to find that with American cars, the first 24 to 48 hours after it was in the shop to get something repaired were the most likely times that something else would fail (or the original problem would reoccur). THIS IS NOT TRUE OF THE BENZ. When they have worked on my car, the problem is FIXED.

Thanks again.
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