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Hey Neil,

My dad bought the one you are speaking of, but it broke the first night he used it (He was using mini die griner). So he bought an IR vertical 60 gallon one, but he decided that wasn't big enough and the autoshut off accessories dont fit it, so hes going to buy the 80 gallon vertical unit.

You might buy that one at sears, and have no trouble with it. I do have to admit that sears does have a good return policy. I dont really buy many sears tools anymore, they have lost their feel. I mostly buy snapon and german tools. Which by the way in germany are cheaper than craftsman tools (for wrenches) at least.

My point, buy bigger than what you need. Sanders, you need at least 60 gallons at continuious running of the compressor. For just impact gun stuff, 30 gal. is probably fine.

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