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I've thrown enough parts at this thing that anything more isn't worth it. Injectors, holders and seals are new within the last 4000 miles.

I installed a new O2 sensor just now... no difference. I don't know if there's a break-in period. I've never heard of it.

The EHA sees about 7.5ma at idle. Dips to 2.5ma with revs. I just figured out where the X11/4 port is so I'll check duty cycle next.

Oh, I pulled the idle air valve connector while the engine was idling. Idle dropped to 500 rpm, maybe a shade lower. Wouldn't hold idle with AC on. I reconnected the idle air valve but no improvement unless I shut off the engine, cleared the check engine light and restarted. Then it was fine... or back to its previous self.

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