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From the answer to ebay below

Sorry, I just got screwed by an ebaY deal that my a legal council
will attend too. nothing to brutal but still , we do have eyes and know if there's rust that's unrepariable and such.
As well as the fact that if a simple compression check or a look under a vehicle is not brain surgery?

No the guy that tried to pull one over on me, was clear in his description of the car , and it's about time to legalize ebay dealings? separate the weeds from the wheat ?
so this guy will get A FRAUD charge against him, and maybe go to jail. If he did have any lack of knowledge it certainly was not involved in this car. I/e cosmetic. I/e Blantant
After numerous phone talks the guy assured me the car was correct. Hah , he doesn't know I recorded every bit.

If anyone here feels that it would be nice to actually filter out these liars let me know , because I may ask ebay to do something about this or file a suit on ebay for allowing what they call unfair trading.
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