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I was wondering what is the procedure for checking the trans fluid and oil? I dont have an owners manual so I just do it like you do any other car but I always get mixed results. I recently got my oil changed at a quick lube and they said I needed to get my transmission fluid changed because it has too much trans fluid but I beg to differ. I drove my car about 60 miles roundtrip the other day and when I got home I left the car going put it in neutral and the fluid was alittle above halfway between the min and max marks. Also about the oil level, should I check it right after the car has run or after the car has been sitting, I checked it after the car had been sitting overnight and the level was alittle above the max mark, but the day before I checked it when I was filling with gas and it was alittle below the max mark and I didnt add any oil at all. Thanks for your help in advance.
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