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Well, I changed those hoses last week. All you need is a long 5mm hex to remove the cold start valve from out the hose. You do not have to remove the injectors, but the cold start valve has to be removed in order to get access to re-attach the hose. I learned a trick:

When re-installing that hose, those clamps are a piece of work to re-attach the hose to the connector.

-I got a paper clip(open it up) and a pair of pliers.

I squeezed the clamp with the pliers and inserted the (opened up) paper clip into the clamp.

That way the clamp is wide open.

I sprayed the hose opening with a little wd40 so it slides on easier to the connector.

I slid the clamp onto the hose and attached it to the connector.

I then used the pliers to pull the paper clip out ant the clamp instantly tightened onto the connector.

Hope this helps
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