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Sixto, Is Box adjustable ??

Do you know if those steering gear boxes can be adjusted like the earlier gearboxes in the 300E I mentioned. I never had to do that but I had read posts about center slack being able to be adjusted out on those old MB steering gear boxes. Two weeks ago I asked the MB dealer to check the wheel bearings ( I told service mgr. that I could move them by hand enough to hear and feel the free play simply by pushing and pulling on the tire while car was up on the jack). Apparently he did not relay that to mechanic or the mechanic thought that much free play was OK and did not do an adjustment of the WBs at that time. Anyway, a few days later I adjusted both front wheel bearings myself so that there was just barely NO decernable wheel movement even with a hard push-pull on the tire. Now the "highway wander" feeling is no longer noticable but the center slack feeling is still there. How do I know for sure what is normal. I do have a friend who drives a 93 420SE , would that car have the same power steering setup?

My car had new lower control bushings and steering damper installed before a purchased it. I saw the repair tickets that the previous owner had, and they made mention of the "wander" and dealer did a 4 wheel alignment.
Its apparent they did not find the real problem at that time. It's really not very bad---but I just want it to be perfect !!
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