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Unhappy centre vent no air

My 1994 C180 has the same problem and was going like this for a couple of weeks. Then I decided to visit my indie and the night before that it started working like it read my mind. Its now still working, but I am not sure if it should blow continuously all the time like my Camry and Corolla. Is this a Benz feature that it keeps cycling the centre vents off and on every few minutes or according to engine speed or car speed? The side vents seem to be blowing all the time though. Is something wrong or going wrong? About 6 months ago I had the whole dash taken down by the same indie and he changed 2 vacuum diaphram actuators which were punctured or leaking. Now he says that "maybe" the controller of these sets is going out. Anyone with similar ideas or have better ideas? Is there such a thing in my car? Sometimes I don't know whom to believe in.
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