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'84 500 SEL 117.963 cyl head R&R anxiety

long-time project... finally getting back to it after several months with not enough time... appreciate all the help on this forum.

Down to getting the heads off... frustration with removing exh manifolds and crossover pipe to actually get at head bolts for removal. Manuals say "remove clamps and remove crossover" First... cannot get at bolt on clamp on right side (passenger side) behind head--- see attached photo ... somewhat hidden but is behind the tranny dipstick bracket. Anybody have a suggestion to how to remove this bolt on this clamp? I've removed the exhaust from the rear up to and including the O2 sensor right below the Y. I've tried with the motor jacked up like the manuals say. And with it down.

Second, (will post two more photos) I don't see how the exh manifolds come off when the studs stick out of the cylinder heads-- see photo... there just is not room to move them to the side enough to lift them out. Do I need to remove the exh studs from the cyl head with a vice-grip or something?

Also have photo of the clamp -drivers side- on the crossover pipe that I did get off ... is the arrow where it comes apart?

Appreciate any help.
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