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Thanks for the opinions!

Picture of the damage is a good selling idea. I will do that.
As far as the paint matching, let me clarify that point.
My car has a mild case of "clear coat pealing" as the auto body shop told me., due to the hot weather here in Florida. My car has the original factory paint, as far as I can tell, since I am not the original owner. The "pealing" is worse on all the surfaces facing up, such as the trunk, hood, roof and top of the fenders. The paint looks very good on all the side panels of the car. In other words, the side panels look darker than the panels facing up. I have seen that in other older MB's so I know it is not an isolated case. Besides, it is a 17 year old car and I hear the durability of the paint job on the newer MB's is not as good as the old ones.
Bottom line, I can not see matching the color from top and bottom without noticing the difference. Am I wrong?
P.S. Color is silver or light gray. Any other alternatives for the "pealing" other than repainting the entire car?
'86 300E
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