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After Fix Wrap Up

Greetings All,

Yes, it's been a small period of time since I last posted as well as had a chance to actually work on the Benz in question. Sorry, extremely long work hours and only one day off a week makes it tough to accomplish everything that needs to be done around the house going into the Fall season. Mind all of the posters this is only the second day out on this repaired vehicle so repairs will prove themselves over a several week period of time before I consider it resolved. In order to resolve my hesitation on acceleration and rough idle while at a stand still in the drive position, I went to the electrical system for an answer. I replaced all the spark plug connector ends as well as changed out the distributor cap to solve my problem. Strangely enough while changing out the distributor cap the number three spark plug wire broke the connector end off the cap because of corrosion. I can't say that this was the entirety of the problem but the engine now runs quite smoothly in all phases of it's spectrum. I am not saying it fixed the problem just yet but two days into the fix it seems to have made the difference thus far. Any fixes that other fellow posters have made could also be your solution, and I encourage all that have solved their rough idles to post so as to aid those that are seaking an answer as well as those will in the future have a post they can go to in order to have a starting point, and hopefully an ending point to their problem.



I will post you all in another couple weeks to give everyone an update.
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