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Originally posted by blackmercedes
That's much too easy. C'mon, just try and stump us. Let's talk gasoline engines:

1. M111 four cylinder. Sips gas. Easy to work on. Cheap parts. Double row timing chain that lasts a long time. No systemic head gasket problems. I can't think of a cheaper way to own a late model gasoline powered Mercedes.

2. M103 in 2.6 and 3.0L SOHC form. Great engine! Some head gasket problems, but not nearly as bad as the M104. Early valve seal problems, but within a few years the M103 was fully sorted out, and would rank as one of the best engines ever slotted into an engine bay in any car.

3. M119 V-8 engine. The crank journals look like they are suitable for a naval destroyer. Anyone that claims that the bottom end of their M119 wore out prematurely killed it themselves. There are some top end oil problems that are simple to repair and not a major flaw. The M119 is very powerful, very durable, and also should be ranked as one of the greatest engines ever made. It's not the cheapest when compared to the frugal M111, as in the long run it will require more parts (twice as many banks of slugs) and use more gas.

Anyone want to chime in with the compression-ignition list?
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