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Thought I'd chime in with my views.

Having seen your car, perhaps I can describe the symptoms further for the others :

With A/C off, no significant vibrations, if any, they are very subtle.Regardless whether in gear or not.

With A/C on, in PARK, slight vibration felt from within the car.

In gear, the vibrations are more pronounced.

I had the opportunity of looking at the engine bay with Andy in the driver's seat.

With A/C on, and the car in gear, the whole engine vibrates severely, such that the airfilter housing/inlet is bouncing all over the place.

I diagnosed shot engine mounts and suggested a 2nd opinion from a reliable Merc indie.

It seems that with the compressor on, the engine is loaded and as such the vibrations are more pronounced.

Anyone care to chime in with their thoughts?

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