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The whole first thread, as I see it, was started by Classic69 about his 85 201 chassis.

Nowhere in this thread (which was also started by classic69) or the previous thread, do I notice an owner with an 87 300E:

Richard28 has no car listed, and doesn't mention what car he has in this thread

Bud has a 91 300E

ctaylor has about 4 cars, none that is a 124

AF300E has some type of 124, no specifics

Peter (autozen) is just posting answers, no questions, and has no cars in his profile

so WHERE is the documentation that this is a 87 300E? On the previous thread? It's ALWAYs been a 201, 1985, which I believe narrows it down to a 2.3 by default, assuming it's a US spec car.


ps: coffee time now:p
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