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I am not familiar with that site, but I donít think the data is accurate. I use the below data for those alternators.

Al166x 35mm shaft
300SL-24 M104.981-10 up to 001590
M104.981-12 up to 014273
500SL M119.960-
300SD OM603.971- up to 002386
S350 Turbo OM603.971- up to 002386

Al66x 25mm shaft
260E M103.940- from 069719
300E 2.6 M103.940-
300E M103.983- from 179742
300CE M103.983- from 179742
300TE M103.983- from 179742
300SE M103.981- from 075104
300SEL M103.981- from 075104
190E 2.6 M103.942-10 from 015138
190E 2.6 M103.942-12 from 034645

Good Luck
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