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Once you have the bumper cover off, loosen the 10mm nuts that hold the chrome strip on from the bottom. The clips that attach to the chrome strip may turn, since they will snap out of the rectangular openings in the chrome strip. You will have to pry up on the nut and continue to turn to remove the nuts. You will also have to loosen the joint covers that separate the center and side chrome from the underside and pry them up gently. There will be a bumper bolt the holds the front strip and the side strips. Remove the bumper bolt and move the joint cover off or up enough that you can remove the center strip. If the joint cover is brittle, you may have to replace it, since the chrome may split. In any event, I would buy new clips and nuts that hold the center chrome in place. Once the old ones are off they are useless.

This is a do-able project but requires patience.
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