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Haunted Windshield Wiper

Great site!! A lot of resources. Keep it up guys!

Did a search but I didn't find any thing close to my wiper roblem. The car in question is a 91 300D. If I park it under the sun for 2-3 hours (93+ F ) when I start the car and the wiper will start moving on its own at a normal speed for about 10 minutes regardless the switch is at its OFF position. After a while it will repeat again. I tried to turn it on and off and sometime it worked. It will stop sooner if I push that level and apply some windshield fluid(hate to see that wiper moving on yop of a dry windshield). is it a faulty park mechanism or a bad switch? Has anyone got this problem before? Is the mechanism in the wiper transmission case or in the motor?


91 300D
87 300SDL
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