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did some diagnostic work but....

Ok guys this thread is a spawn off this idle / surging problem 88 300e .

1988 300E 130,000miles

I followed the diy article and I am sure I didn't do it all correctly but heres what I got from testing the x11 #3 hole.

30.6% steady
3.70 v

COLD: 50.7% steady
6.87 v

Warm 60 c: 10%- 37% fluctuating throughout that range.

Held idle at 2000rpm: 35% steady

90 c: 60.6 steady

Held idle 2000rpm: 30% - 80% fluctuating throughout that range.

After a minute of the 2000rpm it stayed around 32% -38%

Let off throttle and it caught at about 1200 rpm and was around 48%

Went back to 650-70o rpm and was at 60.0% then after about 15 seconds dropped to around 15% (rough idle)

Put car in drive went straight to 60.6% stayed there for about 30 seconds then surged some and went to the 30's then back up to 60.6

Put in reverse went to 30% then back to 60.6%

One thing I did notice is that when it surges the butterfly/plunger thing on the airflow housing will fly open some. It makes an air noise thats why I notice it so much.

Hopefully one of you master mechanics can tell me if this means anything !!!!


Thanks in advance guys.

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