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another post about steering vidration.

I have a vibration that is driving me nuts on my 1999 CLK 320. I have eliminated the wheels as the cause by trying 2 different sets. The vibration comes and goes, itís usually at 40-60 MPH. Feels just like an out of balance wheel. A slight left to right movement in the steering wheel. I have changed the ball joints and complete tie rod assembly without relief along with balancing 2 sets of wheels. This car has only 38k and was driven on some very very bad roads in itís young life.

I can feel a little play in the steering wheel when I turn it to right or left lock and the steering arm off the box appears to have a small amount of play. Should I attack the box play or look someplace else? It seems the play in the box is not present when the steering wheel is in the neutral (strait) position.

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