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Angry Help 89 300E door problem

I have a 89 300e that when I got in my car to go home tonight the power door locks would not work. The antennae would not go up either. When I got home I found the fuse blown. I changed it only to have it explode in my finger.. I then opened all the doors and it did not blow. I was able to activate the door locks and the antennae went up. I then closed the doors and the fuse blew. I narrowed it down to the front passenger door. 3 doors closed all is well. Close the passenger front..bam the fuse goes. If I gently close the door it is fine but once i close hard enough to latch boom the fuse goes again. I can even press the switch at the door jam and it will not blow the fuse Obviously I have a short ...but where?? HELP!!!
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