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Heya Guys,

I haven't been around in a long while (stuck in law school) and this morning, my super-reliable 190E had a little problem.

Started car cold at 8am (outside temp was ~25 degrees F.
Almost immediately after starting, I heard a slight "thump" come from under the car. Sounded a little like an internal duct or baffle in the heating system closing hard in the cold.

Let the engine warm up a minute (I normally warm her up by driving her real slow till I get to operating temp) and put the car in reverse. Gave it gas, and nothing. Put it in drive to check, nothing. Put her in park and got out. I was then standing in a growing puddle of tranny fluid, which appeared to be streaming out of the front side of the tranny.

With the engine idling, I can hear a gurgle and the fluid really pours out. With the engine off, it just streams down in drips.

I am poor and in school. I will have her towed to an independent in a few hours. Any advice as to what I am looking for from the mechanic? I had the tranny serviced about ~10k miles ago...never any tranny problems, by the way.

Thanks for any advice,

John J. Meadows
'87 420SEL
'85 190E 2.3L 105k mi.
'83 300D Turbo 298k mi.
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