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Thanks Cap'n Carageous for your support.

Inspector 1. I do very much my part in recycling the most that I can. For example, I am trying to make my currrent vehicle last. Have I not heard correctly that the purchase of a new car is more harmful to the environment that the continued use of one's old car?

As for pollution, please keep in mind that I am in a country where the buses do not have any emissions control and all emit black smoke. (Driving behind one is like smoking 3 packs of cigs in 1 hour) Additionally, the typical Guatemalan thinks that the side of the road is a dumping site not only for everyday garbage but for large amounts of waste. I do not think that the removal of my cat. converter is going to do any major damage to the environment. Major damage to the environment is mainly caused by industries and not individual persons.

As for my profile, you are most incorrect in 55+. I am in mid-thirties, college educated with an MBA from a prominant university in the USA.
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