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When my transmission shifts from 2 to 3 there is a real slight hesitation (I think it is called flare). It does not do this going from 3 to 4th. I checked the transmission fluid this morning after having driven 40 miles at 60 mph. The level was closer to 30 on the dipstick than 80. The questions are: a) is the temperature indication on the ATF dipstick ambient temperature (outside - it was pretty close to 30 degree F this morning when I checked it) or can I use the coolant temp. indication on the dash to indicate where it should be close to? b) could the level being a little low be causing this? c) If it is not the level isn't there a trans. adj. that that is recommended to be done only by a knowledgeable MB tech that can resolve this? I will probably bring the level up a little this afternoon after the 40 mile drive home.
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