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more on 560sl not running...

Well, spent some more time on the red POS. Swapped out ignition control module, coil, dist cap no change. Put the timing light on all the spark plug leads; and there is spark. Now I'm pretty sure it isn't fuel and it isn't electrical, and it isn't mechanical.

What's left? Well, I still haven't got rid of the white smoke, which I thought was just some residual coolant left over from replacing the intake manifold gaskets and spilling some coolant. I think I'm wrong about that. I managed to look at the tail pipe while keeping the car running and there was more white smoke than I thought.

So now it looks like coolant in the combustion chambers, presumably leaking from the intake.

When I replaced the intake manifold gaskets I noticed that somebody before me used a lot of sealant around the gaskets. I know the heads have been done. New theory is that the heads were milled upsetting the fit between the intake manifold and the heads, causing the water passages not to line up and leak. F**K.

Now I guess I strip it all apart and use some sealant around the gaskets. I'm so not very happy. Anybody have any experience with this?

Regards, Lawrence.
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