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Originally posted by mike690003
Does anyone know if this applies to the w124??
No, to get at the vacuum tree in a W124 (with the glove box, not the pass. airbag) you have to:

1. Remove the lamp assembly (just pull down from the from, held in place with two spring clips). You don't need to unplug the electrical connector, it can just hang.

2. Using a thin, flat screwdriver, pop off the plastic inserts around the outer edge of the glove box lining. They're two piece, inner and outer, compression fit, pry out the inner and both will come out.

3. Unscrew the two screws holding the glovebox latch plate, remove the plate. (Pay attention to how this goes together, there's the latch plate, the screws, and then another plate -removable and easily misplaced!- that goes into the dash frame that the screws anchor into).

4. Remove the glovebox liner. You'll have to pull down on the upper part of the liner near the latch plate, it has a lip that will catch on the metal dash frame if you don't.

5. The vacuum junction box is on the lower left.
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