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Mine has the same thing, 1988 300E, euro lights.
Had Front end work done including headlight replacement (not by me) and the globe warning light has been on ever since. Have replaced all parker globes since it comes on when the parkers are switched on. The "authorised" bodyshop that did the work have no clues whatsoever, I seem to know more about MB's than they do. They told me to take it to an authorised workshop since "they will have a computer to diagnose the problem".
I told them that there is no such thing as a computer for this car that will diagnose that problem (I know the impulse counter intimately) but they swear that such a computer exists.
How do these workshops become authorised? Does the authorisation process involve a box of weeties and the extrication of the authority from therein?

Anyway, I will fix this problem, i suspect they have blown a relay for me when they were replacing the headlight assemblies.

Those years in service reception etc have taught me well how to deal with issues such as these.
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