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OK -
Found the problems.....

Light Switch at the dash had a bad spot on it, $60...

One more thing...bad bulbs...probably taken out due to
a problem...Left H4 and Right H3 (fog)....I had 130W H3's
in it, may have been part of the problem....I am backing down
to Osram +50's. Have been running Hella +30 H1 & H4.

Also the grounds were corroded on the taillight assembly.
I think the body shop probably bumped something loose
in the process of removing the rear valence while working
on my paint and that seemed to start it.

Use another wire to create a good ground and ground out the assembly. If that fixes it, pull the metal strips, clean everything with a bit of emery cloth and put some electrical (silicone) grease
on things.
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