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Harmonic Drivetrain Noise

Okay, I've used the search tool and found some good info, but nothing that describes my problem exactly.

I think I've eliminated the wheels/tires as culprits for this strange highway noise I'm getting at speed. The car is an '84 300D with 230K miles. I'm pretty sure it's something in the driveline--perhaps a driveshaft out of balance. The sound is like:

wwwWWWOOOWWWwww...wwwWWWOOOWWWwww (ad nauseum) other words, it's not constant, but fluctuates harmonically. Could it be worn flex discs? A fatigued tranny mount (deviating the angle of the shaft)? Out-of-balance driveshaft?

I've managed to get this car fairly quiet at highway speeds, and now this noise is particularly apparent.
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