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The importance of torqueing your oil filters

Well I haven't wanted to post this topic untill I had the evidence and coul completely embarras myself. My wife went to get our daughter at Texas A&M last weekend. Since we are cutting back on things, IE selling cars, We have been renting cars at Enterprize for weekend trips and such. We figure put the mileage on their cars not ours. Were down to the SL and TD for regular transportation. Since the TD is not bakc together we are keeping the SDL as a back up. I had traiing this weekend so I could not go to A&M with my wife to get out Aggie. So I changed the oil in the SL and told my wife to take it. Jacked the car up, dropped the filter and oil plug and replaced the filter. I grabed a 1/2 drive ratchet. I normally use a 3/8 drive all the time. Screwed the new oil filter and housing on and tightened it. Replaced the drain plug and washer and refilled the car. Ran the car and checked for leaks. It ready to go.
When tightening the oil filter I had a funny feeling about it. A sort of sixth sence about something. so I made sure the filter was tight.
I'm so use to changing the oil on the Deisels. I use a 3/8 drive ratchet. tighten them by hand. And away we go. I have not done the SL for a while. Ive had the dealer do the last couple of oil changes. So I have not done the SL in 2-3 years.
Friday I'm on a trip. A turn to Charlotte NC. whe I got to CLT I check my cell phone, a message. I was finishing say "ba- bye" to the passengers when the phone rings. My wife is stuch on the side of the rod down in College Station. She was cruising at 60 MPH and heard a bang, saw something fly out from under the car and the engine started smoking.
She quickly pulled to the shoulder and shut off the engine.

My God I taught her well.

A long streek of oil on the road all the way up to the car. When I talked to her she had already called Mercedes. It was way beyond road side assistance. But they offerd to arange a tow truck. My wife then called USAA, who we have insurance with and towing. The aranged a flatbed tow truck.
When I called her she had been taken to the Goodyear shop and they said it was out of there capability.
It was brought to local Foreign shop but they wer closed fo rthe weekend. The Mercedes Dealer is in Houston, A 1.2 hour drive. So the best solution was to have the car towed to Dallas with my Wife and Daughter. So my daughters first weekend back home, she came home in a Tow Truck

What happened I realize that I probably torqued the bolt to about 80-90 NM. Not the 25 NM recommended amount.
If you look at the pictures you will see the piece I 'm holding. When you overtorque the bolt this unit will be stressed and break.

SOOOOO make sure you torque your oil filter bolts. It is important.


PS The filter was flat due to the pickup truck that ran over it.
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