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126 Euro light issue

I guess I will post this here too, just to see if some expert out there can be of help. I installed my 126 Euros today, and thanks to all of the hints on these forums, it went pretty smoothly (especially seeing as my new lights convienently didn't have instructions).

However, there's one odd thing I don't know what to do with, that I couldn't find in any other place. My 126 is an 89, US model with wipers. There is a bracket under the lights that the wiper motor mounts to, and this also holds the light in place from the bottom. It fits the US lights, but the holes in it don't line up with the Euros...I got one hole in on the drivers side, and none line up on the passenger side. Hence, on the passenger side, the light is a little wobbly at the bottom. Is there a special bracket I can get for this?

Also, I am really thinking about ditching the wipers altogether and installing the solid spacers like on 126 cars without wipers. I already located a set and painted them. If I install these, is there also a bracket to install to the lights are perfectly stable at bottom?

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