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Lovely covers, they look almost exactly like the ones I made except for the perfed MBTex (I didn't bother -- hate to perf that much leather half a hide at a time....)

Easy to install, by far the easiest I've personally seen. You will, however, need to clip or sew the new pads to the frames. The old ones are held in with circular clips, and you can re-use those if you can find a way to close them again, or you can try hog rings -- may not work as they may be too small to go around the strap steel on the springs. I sewed mine on with cotton string.

What is the material in the seat that fills the rolls? My old seats have cotton padding in there, well squashed and hard as a rock. I've used polyurethane foam so far, but will be making a set for my brother's W115 chassis soon, open to suggestions!

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