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When ever I check the oil level on my car, the dipstick shows 2 different levels. By this I mean, on 1 side the oil mark would be just about at the "low" mark. If you turn the dipstick over, the oil level is about 2/3 up from the low mark. Which level am I supposed to go by? Do I split the difference to come up with an average? I always check the oil when the eng. is stone cold, like first thing in the morning. I have had the car since Oct. 5 and I am trying to guage it's oil usage. First though I would like to know which side of the dipstick I am to go by. She does seem to use about a 1/2 quart every 600-700 miles. Again this is hard to judge without knowing how to read the dipstick. I have never had a car with a dipstick that was over a half inch wide and showed 2 distincly different oil levels. Any help would be appreciated.
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