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The reservoir you refer to is for the self leveling suspension, plastic jar type thing with a cap and a dip stick. ASD and ADS use the same I dont know where your fluid went, one or both of the accumulators could have punctured.
Pete, whats ASD? I know ADS is "Addaptive Dampening System".

You said the reservoir is bone dry which is not good at all. You probably just have enough fluid in the pump to keep the system working but you are so close to ruining the pump itself. You need to refill the reservoir immediately and start the troubleshoot process from there.
Jim, what pump are you talking about? Power steering? The power steering reservoir is full and the steering feels fine.

I am fairly confident that my car does not take hydraulic fluid for the steering pump, which I have learned from a thread that I posted in this forum a few days ago. However, for w140s with ADS I think the hydraulic fluid is used for the steering pump as well as the ADS.
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