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1 question and 1 problem with 2003 S430

Just purchased an '03 S430. Already am having a problem with the car. The INSIDE rear view mirror has a mind of its own. I get in the car, adjust the seats, steering wheel, outside mirrors and inside mirror to the way I want it. The I hit the 'M' button and then 1 to store the settings. Everything works fine except for this mirror. Whenever I turn off the car and get back in, when I stick in the key, the inside mirror will rotate and move all the way to the top. I've taken it back to the dealer, and they could not figure it out. They hook the car up to the computer, but could not find anything wrong. Has any one else have this problem, and if yes, what's the fix?

Also, my car does not come with bi-xenon. So I'm thinking about getting a HID kit (H7) and put it in. I've heard that the computer on board may report 'Low Beam Malfunction/Failure', because HID uses less power than halogen. If that's the case, how can I turn off/disable the warning message?

Thanks in advance.
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