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Fuses checked

carman85...I have checked out the fuses already. Cruise works too. I am hoping the
FPR has fixed the high rpm hesitation but
will have to track it for a week or two to see how that shakes out...

For the hard start lugging/hesitation....I
am trying to root cause here is what
I have....

1. Fuel Delivery/Pressure---New
filter, new FPR and pressure---Checked OK
Fuel Injectors not leaking---hold

2. Ignition
Distributor Caps---Checked OK.
Rotors----------------Checked OK
Sparks----------------Checked OK
Wires------------------Checked OK
Could a hard start lugging still be
occurring due to a problem with
distributor caps that is not visible
to the naked eye?
Ignition coils exhibiting transients
at hard starts but not otherwise?
What could cause that?

3. Mass Air Flow Meter....I hope this is OK!
What sort of a condition in MAFM
could cause such a hard start lugging?

4. ETC Sensor....No difference in engine
lugging at warm or hot engine
temperature on hard start.

Could I request one of the MB mechanics
on this forum to throw some light on this?
92 400E 128K
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