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tip for door seal removal on W126

Hi everybody,

today I replaced the passenger side rubber door seal, as I had some air noise on that side going above 45 mph.

The front is held by a metal strip that is held in place by 5 fasteners. The first one I got out by wrapping wire around the head and then pull. Once I saw how it looked, needle-nose pliers were the best tool. The attached picture shows the little fastener, that has a slit in the middle. By compressing it with the pliers, it will come out easier. You need to grab it under the metal strip. The head has a fine line from the manufacturing process and you want to compress along that line. You might have to turn the fastener a bit so that the line goes from one tip of the pliers to the other.

Hope this helps somebody someday.

Reinhard Kreutzer
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