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Anthony, if you are seeing oil at the hose connector or inside the air box, then you may have some excessive blowby, although I am sometimes puzzled by some of the design quirks that MBZ puts out there. In this case, the valve cover and engine interior is directly vented to manifold vacuum, ie. it is connected inside the air filter element. Now, I am not a rocket scientist by any stretch of the imagination, but, if you air filter element is dirty or partially clogged, there is going to be a rather high level of vacuum applied to that vent opening, which is going to pull some oil from the area of the valve gear into the air box. At mid to high rpm, all of the action under the valve cover can create an aerosol like mist of oil, and this will get pulled thru the vent. This can happen even if the filter is clean. (the ole path of least resistance). Also, make sure any other openings into the engine interior are fully sealed, ie, oil filler cap, dipstick o-ring. If there is excessive air getting into the interior of the engine, this will create a hurricane inside the valve cover and will increase the oil sucked into the air box.
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