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My motor mounts have been compressed for some time. The fan shroud has been adjusted to the lowest point possible. I have been unsure up until recently as to whether or not I should keep the car or offload it. I have decided to keep it and have been systematically bringing her back into spec so-to-speak.

I did a power steering fluid flush following the owners manual, which stated to use ATF. I learned afterward (from this forum) that ATF in 1985 is significantly different than ATF in 2003. Needless to say, my hoses swelled and caused significant leaking. Of course, the leaking had to occur over the all ready bad motor mounts.

During replacement of my shifter linkage bushings, my inspecting of the underside revealed that the motor mounts have turned to a soft of gel state. You can easily compress the rubber between two fingers. Basically, the engine must be sitting on the frame, as this jelly cannot support even 5 lbs.

Fortunately, replacement of the PS hose has stopped the leak!
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