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Engine hesitating after kickdown - 260E

1990 260E (W124):
After kickdown, sometimes the engine are slowing down and hesitating, it has no power at all. Only the economy-meter are changing when I gives more pedal.
The enine gets stalled / strangled in a way.
If I use kickdown one more time, it goes like normal and I get full power, but when i slow down again - it hesitates and just don't want to run properly.

After about 10 sec, the engine are just fine again and can be fine for very many miles and several kickdowns.
Everything are normal in the meantime.

It seems like the engine gets enough fuel, because it goes like hell with full power at kickdown. This happens when or after I slow down.

Hope some of you have a possible solution for this.

Sorry for bad english.

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