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Replacing AC Compressor and Dryer on W126

I am getting ready to replace the AC compressor on my 126 (350 SDL). Sounds as if this is smarter than replacing only the clutch which is squeaking due to bad bearing ... clutch with 70% the price of the new compressor with clutch.

I would appreciate any advice on this application. While I have replaced compressors before I suspect there are a few interesting points that would be extremely useful. My questions at this juncture are:

General Questions
- Anyone had a "squeaking clutch bearing?" Any idea how long it will last once it starts squeaking?
- I have enough R12 left over from the Cold War era to do the job. Does it make sense to do this with the R12 or convert?
- New compressor with new clutch from Phil is $550 or so with another $75 or so for the dryer ... is this better than looking for a used one ... usually it is, just want to check for expert opinions since mine (opinion) isn't
- While non-OEM systems are available, does it make any sense to consider them ... they look to be generic application vice specific to a particular model ... fraught with "issues?"

Specific Questions
- Does a new compressor come with the lubricant in it? Do I need to add more?
- Anything you would recommend to replace at the same time? (I was going to try and replace the bottom gasket on the Injector Pump with the compressor off ... might be able to do it?)
- Do I need to order anything else "just in case?"
- Anything special about pulling a vacuum on the application?
- In the past I have not used any material to seal the threads as I reinstalled lines, etc ... anything changed in this regard or in "technique" over the past years?
- Any "lessons learned" from your experience?

Thank you very much in advance ... I hate doing all this just for the clutch bearing, but doesn't look like there is any choice ... opinions?
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