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95 S420, interior rear view mirror and other ?'s

My rear view mirror (interior) has some looseness which allow it to shake and distort the view when driving over rough surfaces. It still operates from the switch as you would expect--- It just never is tight and steady in any position. Have you solved this on one of your W140 cars?

Can anyone tell me exactly how to remove the center console release handle. I hope to replace this leather covered and soiled handle with one carved from a large block of 30 year old air dried black walnut which has been in my shop since the 1970's.
I tried removing the cup tray, but that didn't give me access to whatever holds the release handle to the two pins. I did discover that the pad below the release handle is just a press on and easily levered up and off two pins. I didn't want to pry too hard until I have some advice from someone who actually knows how these are removed and replaced. These parts are available as "dress up" wood covered pieces from Performance Products, so I know someone may have removed theirs to install the new ones.

Any help appreciated,
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