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420SEL Purchase - Am I On Drugs?!

Hi - I'm new to this forum, so the topic may have been discussed before so forgive me. But, I think I might need therapy, so here goes...

I have found a 1989 420 SEL with 225,000 miles. It has every maintenance record for every service - even down to the previous owner purchasing cleaning supplies from the dealer. And it is in very good condition. The dealer is asking $5900.

Like an idiot I drove it - and loved it. It drove like a dream. Now I'm in the precarious position of explaining to my wife (not to mention anyone else I know) why I want to purchase a car with 1/4 of a million miles on it.

I mean, I know these things last a long time, but am I crazy for even considering this? Am I on crack or something? What happens if something major goes wrong - how much will it set me back? I'm buying primarily as a daily driver for the work commute.

Any thoughts / comments would be appreciated!

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