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Make sure you remove the retainer screw. Think it's a 5mm allen. If the rotor is frozen to the axle, there are a couple of ways to get it free. Spray very liberally around the center of the axle opening in the rotor with penetrating oil. Let it soak a good 10 or 15 minutes. Start tapping aroung the outside edge of the wheel mounting surface with a good sized hammer, rotating the rotor as you tap. The idea is to break free the rust bond between the axle and the rotor. Do not try to bang (tap)on the backside or edge of the rotor. You risk cracking or breaking it. Keep trying to rock the rotor off the axle as you tap away. You can tap (if you will) fairly briskly. If this fails to loosen it, spray again and try it again. If this also fails, applying some heat to the joint between the rotor and axle will usually get it free. Having said that, be advised that the application of heat can be a risky proposition as well. You need to keep it localized to the area of concern. NEVER heat the metal to a visible glow. It will lose it's temper. Apply just enough heat to get it it smoking a bit. Tap it a few more time while hot, it should come free. Let it cool before you handle it. HAve fun...
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