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Well, here is the outcome. I replaced my old screw open, white plastic, hand pump with the new Bosch, smaller, black, ready to push, replacement. It came with an adapter(which I did not use) because I believe it is used on all diesels. I got it from my dealer(part no. 000 090 88 50) because I was in a hurry($13.50 which is the same price as here except a slightly different part no.. PartsShops' no. is 000 090 00 50-$13.30). It was very easy to install, mainly because the new one requires a smaller 17 mm wrench, so I had plenty of room to turn. The old one was 24 mm. I was sure of getting all of the air out of the main fuel filter loosened bolt, tightened it while still pumping and listened for my injector pump to rattle which it did. I started the car and immediately heard a completely different sound when the engine turned over. I could hear the "choo", "choo", "choo", that I had not heard before. I was actually nervous something was wrong because it sounded so different. When it fired up I was amazed at how NICE the engine sounded. It purred like a kitten. I did not notice how before it was clanging and banging. I will feel much better about taking a trip now. My fuel mileage had dropped to 19 mpg. I expect to see a dramatic change in that for sure. I think it is idling a little fast so I may turn the idle down. Thanks for the help....One more note, I started the car this morning without plugging it in for the first time since I've had it, and the weather is below freezing.

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