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Originally posted by pentoman
Hmm.. . you do seem to do that a lot.. :p

Don't see how the feet come into it though
It just drives me crazy that in the U.S. Mercedes didn't change the badge on 300E's in 1993 with the 3.2 liter engine. In 1993, they sold the 300E with the 2.8 liter engine, and called it a 300E 2.8. The 300E, when badged as a 300E, always had the M103 3.0 liter engine. When they dropped the 2.6 liter in it, they badged it as a 260E, then later as a 300E 2.6.

In 1994, Mercedes went with the letter first badging system, and called it an E320.

In the rest of the world, this model was a 320E, so there was no confusion.

I was actually joking about the feet. Usually, it is said that some men try to over-compensate for having a small penis. Since I'm hung like a horse , I hypothesized that it must be because of the feet.
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