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124 heater blower / a/c problem.......

Hi guys...this web place is an excellent one! good work...
Now here is the problem I have...
I have a 200E, 1993 Mercedes-Benz, and I have 2 problems with the whole system of heating/cooling...
1) A while back, while I stopped in a traffic light and I was in idle and had the a/c on , the RPM would go so low that my car would go off...I had to either keep the gas pedal down in order to keep it in high RPM and not let it go off, or just turn the A/C off...I fixed that though to a service place (cost me 100 euro)...
but then after a week or so, when I was in low RPM (idle), my car wouldn't go off, but the A/C from cold air, would suddenly bring hot!!! I had to turn the A/C off and then when I was speeding and had high RPM, turn it on again and everything was just as you can understand I could have cold air coming out only in the freeway and not in traffic!!!
2) I didn't have time to fix that problem and after that, a few weeks later, I had no air at all coming out...but the compressor of the A/C worked fine (I could hear it and feel the cut down of my speed/RPM!)
I read some posts from here about the heater blower and I decided to see what's going on...I just opened the wood trim and took the climate control buttons out (with all the pack with it. plackets, etc...)...I opened up to check the electronic placket in it, in order to see if any line/circuit was blown...but nothing...everything perfect! BUT, on the left and right side of it, there are 2 plug-like connectors...the one is on the left side behind the rolling temperature button, and one on the right side behind the Low, Auto, High buttons...I was "playing" with it, and listen to this!!! when I pulled out the RIGHT plug ONLY (behind the low, auto, high) I had air coming out of it again!!!!!!! both cold air (when I kept the gas pedal down and had high RPM), and hot air!!! but couldn't turn it off or change it from low/auto/high...just had lots of air coming out!!!
I don't know what is wrong with it...I'm thinking any sensors or something?
If you have any ideas PLEASE HELP! (because I took the car to a couple of service stations before I check it myself right now, and without open it up they told me "it's need the blower thing replaced and it costs around 300 euros + another 200 euros labor!!!"), and I know that's not the problem or else, how did it happen to have air coming out without the right plug in its place???
Thanks for listening guys...your help would be much appreciated!
(thank God, I still have my 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS, and its A/C would make the car an igloo!!! and 11 years now I have NOT spent a cent on it!!! and the car just flies!!! I bought that car in the US back in '92 when I was studying in Texas, and I loved it SO much that I took it with me back home in Greece...and my father has paid his Mercedes twice (if you add all the fixing it needed all the time, since '93) ...should we stick with Japanese cars (made in the USA)? what's wrong with the germans?)
Nick the Greek

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