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Originally posted by Jon Hrut
I'm Icelandic although I live in US now. The winters can get fairly bad there (although not as bad as most people think). Many of my relatives own Benzs, although with gas models, a block heater is almost mandatory equipment up there.

Winter is hard on a car. If you have access to a garage, park the car in there. There was an article in the recent edition of either The Star or Mercedes Enthusiast for winter preparations of your Benz and the article included solutions for those who did not have access to garages. You can buy hi-quality tent like structures for parking the car in. This would be overkill for the door problem, but not necessarily for really COLD temps in general.

What sorts of temps are you dealing with when this is happening?

- Jon

Minus 5 to -10 degrees Celcius usually at most, so no that arctic...
Will try Sixto's paint wax first, and see how it goes.

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