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Steering "Play Conpensator"

Sixto, Have you found out any more about the "Play Compensator" adjustment on the gearbox ? Mine car, (95 S420), has what I consider too much almost free play. About 1" or possibly more that DOES move the wheels BUT feels really loose or over-power assisted. Sometimes I get a small knock sound if the wheels are turned L to R and back etc while going slowly or stopped. Dealer says it is "within specs" and will not repair under Starmark Warr. ?? Service says the adjusted the box ---- but somehow I doubt the turned anything. Figure they just looked at it and decided that it was not bad enough that MB would pay them back if they replaced the gearbox.
Any advise or info you have would be appreciated.
Does the type of Fluid have any bearing on this sort of problem. I bought some MB power steering and plan a change of fluid, hoping that PO had use ATF or incorrect fluid.

Luck to you,

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