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Question 400E won't Start

Actually it does now, but I'm wondering about reliability.

Last night I went out, and the car didn't start, turn over or nothing. All the dash lights came on, headlights worked etc.

I had noticed ealier in the day that I heard an airleak when I unlocked the trunk, by the right rear fender, and then it quit. Noticed it again later in the day. As part of the no start the central locking didn't work.

When I went out to start the car in the evening the interior light was on???? and it didn't turn over at all. And the radio didn't come on.

I checked the fuse panel and found fuse "C" dead. Replaced it still nothing. Found a link on this site under no start, and it suggested to pull the alarm control module.

I disconected it it wouldn't start so I reconected it starts now.

Could the computer get scrambled, and now reboot as it were.

Should I think about replacing it for good measure?

By the way I still here the air leak, vacume? I hadn't noticed it before its next to the fuel cap, be the Radio Amp.


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